Meadowlark Organics

Growing small grains and specialty food crops on our diversified, certified organic farm in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.

As farmers we are passionate about growing small grains as a conservation effort and we ensure the health of our soil, our water, and our crops through long crop rotations, cover crops, and thoughtful management.  Organic is always nonGMO, and produced without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, ever. 

We chose the Meadowlark to represent our business because it is a species that is an indicator of a healthy and diverse ecosystem. We take this approach to farming the land, preserving soil health and cultivating diversity, in concert with nature.

8 thoughts on “Meadowlark Organics

  1. Do you have heritage wheat flour? Luke referred me to you. I can order from Sunrise Flour Mill in MN but would like to find someone in WI that is growing an ancient wheat berry.

    1. We do! We have several varieties, including Turkey Red, Red Fife, Spelt, and Emmer. I’ve sent you an email with some details, or check out our “products” pages.

  2. Do you have Einkorn Flour?

    1. Hi Michelle, we don’t currently grow Einkorn, but hope to in the future. We do have Spelt, and soon we’ll have Emmer, which is another ancient grain.

  3. Saw your farm on the news tonight…
    1/23/2018. I’m so excited.
    I go gluten free because the popular wheat affect my whole being. Even my
    Thought process, like depression.
    I know your products would have gluten…but I think it’s probably the pesticides and herbicides that I’m allergic to.
    I hope.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Lora, I think you might be right — if you’re at a place where you’re willing to reintroduce gluten into your diet we’d recommend starting with certified organic wheat, and also trying some ancient grains first like Spelt, Emmer, and Einkorn. But you know, we’re farmers not certified dietitians. Best of luck!

  4. Do you ship locally in Wisconsin I would like to order some Spelt but I a few hours a way from you.

    1. Hi Lisa! We certainly do. You can place an order online and we’ll send you an email with an estimated cost of shipping. Or send us an email directly at We’d love to send you some Spelt flour!

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