Updates from the field

October 14, 2017

As the weather turns cooler, we are grateful for the rain that came just in time to ensure our winter wheat is becoming well established. We managed to get in the ground our winter wheat, a variety called Warthog, as well as our Sungold Spelt and Heritage Turkey Red. We planted Warthog last year and it proved to be superior to the other variety we grew, Expedition, both in yield and protein. Our Sungold Spelt has been very popular among bakers and this year we are planting an additional variety called Maverick.

While we planted saved seed for the Warthog and Spelt, this year we started over with our Turkey Red seed stock. Two years ago we planted a field that had a heavy infestation of rye. We considered planting a small plot this year and hand weeding the rye to establish new seed, but really we should be focusing our efforts on setting up our grain cleaning facility and marketing this year’s crop. Fortunately, there are passionate farmers who are committed to re-establishing these heritage varieties in our region, like Charlie Tennessen of Anarchy Acres in Mount Pleasant, WI. He started with a packet of Turkey Red seeds from the USDA seed bank, and has established a healthy supply of verified Turkey Red to share with others. We are excited to see how it does here on our farm and are happy that we’ll be able to supply our customers with Turkey Red flour again next year.