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Turkey Red is a landrace variety of hard red winter wheat that can be traced back to its original cultivation in Crimea. It was brought to Kansas in the late 1800’s by a group of Mennonite immigrants and thrived in the U.S. for many years until the rise of modern wheat. With the renewed interest in ancient grains, this heritage variety is being revived. It has a deep nutty flavor and is found to be more digestible than modern wheats.


Our Bolted Flour is sifted to remove 75% of the bran. Stone-milled flour contains all of the oils and nutrients of the whole wheat kernel, and because it does not contain any preservatives, it has a shorter shelf life than industrially produced flour.  Savor it, use within 3-6 months, and ideally keep all stoneground flours in the fridge or freezer.

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