Paul Bickford started farming his land as a confinement dairy in 1978 with 250 cows. In 1992 he established pastures and started rotational grazing with 350 cows. In 2011 he sold the cows and left dairying, and plowed under pastures for organic corn and soybeans.

John and Halee Wepking come to farming with a background in food and restaurants. They met cooking at a restaurant in NYC called Prune. In 2014, they made the decision to leave the big city and return to southwestern Wisconsin to try to farm his family’s land. With no opportunity to farm John’s family’s farm imminent, they found employment with Paul Bickford on his certified organic farm in Ridgeway.

Since hiring John and Halee, the plan for Paul’s land has shifted to focus on small grains and limited row crops, both for food and feed. Together they are committed to farming the land organically and growing crops that have superior nutrition both for people and animals.

To learn more about John and Halee’s journey back to farming, and their commitment to organic agriculture, check out this video made by the National Young Farmer’s Coalition and King Arthur Flour:



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